Get the Code and Get FREE Kits!

Receive any of my "On the Go!" Kits FREE!

To get this terrific deal, simply

  1. Get the Workshop Code associated with the "On the Go!" Class (you can find it right here or on the pages for each of the On the Go Class Options)
  2. Go to my online store and enter the Workshop Code.
  3. Place an order that reaches the minimum qualifying amount to receive your FREE Kit.
  4. Pay for the shipping of your FREE kit (you'll find shipping links on the page for each of the On the Go Class Options).
  5. Wait for your order to be shipped directly to you from Stampin' Up! via UPS with NO delay!
  6. Wait for your FREE KIT to come in the mail from me via USPS!


Why Get the Code and Get FREE Kits? Who doesn't like FREE?  Your dollar will stretch further by spending your money on PRODUCT and getting your class kits as an extra bonus. Why pay for class kits when you can buy product and get the kit FREE?


The details . . .

  • You must use the Workshop Code associated with the On the Go Class Kit you want to receive for free. If you don't use the code, I'm unable to give you the kit free.
  • You can combine an order for one class type, but not across class types. For example: You can place an order for $40 to cover Technique Class and Punch Art Class since they are the same class and 2 options within the class. You can place an order for $45 to cover Scrapbook Shoppe and Card Shoppe Classes since they are the same class and 2 options within the class. You cannot place an order for $40 to cover Technique Class and Card Shoppe because they are two different classes with two different Workshop Codes.
  • There is an order deadline for all Workshop Codes – watch for the deadline.
  • Online Orders placed with a Workshop Code are NOT eligible for Kriss's Online Customer Perks. That's because your perk is getting that particular class kit free.
  • There is a $6.95 shipping minimum for Online Orders. After orders reach $69.50 the shipping rate is 10%.

Codes for Upcoming On the Go Class Kits…

On the Go Kit Ordering Code Order Deadline Min. Ordering Amount

Link to Kit Details and Shipping Payment Buttons

February Technique Kit 6EGX47ER 2/20/2013 $20.00
February Punch Art 6EGX47ER 2/20/2013 $20.00
A Year of Birthdays 6EGX47ER 2/25/2013 $35.00
March Card Shoppe CMNEMJYP 3/7/2013 $20.00
March Scrapbook Shoppe CMNEMJYP 3/7/2013 $25.00


Click HERE to be directed to my online store where you can start shopping!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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October Stamp Shoppe

Stamp Shoppe is just two weeks away – October 12th & 13th – and you'll want to be registered to attend!

Friday, October 12th from 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Saturday, October 13th from 9:00 am – 12:00 Noon
at Christ the Good Shepard Lutheran Church, 1000 Winton Rd. N., Rochester NY 14609


Here's a look at the "The Card Shoppe" line up for October!

 You'll be making 3- 12"x12" pages at Scrapbook Shoppe.  Here's a sneak peek of what we'll be making:

While there is no pre-payment to attend, I do need to know you're coming so that I can prepare your kit.  If you'd like to attend, simply email me and let me know what day you're coming and what you'd like to make.

Want your class "on the go"?  No problem.  If you live locally and can pick up your order at another class or event, simply email me to reserve your kit on the go.

If you are long distance and need your packets mailed out to you, click HERE for all of the details and to order.

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Now you can “Shoppe on the Go”

The "Shoppe on the Go!" program allows those of you who are unable to attend Stamp Shoppe in person to still receive the same great projects, at great prices…. with the option to receive them for FREE – just like my local attendees!

"Shoppe on the Go!" Basic  Information

"Shoppe on the Go!" orders must be submitted by the upcoming Stamp Shoppe's RSVP deadline. For example, to receive the April Stamp Shoppe projects, your "Shoppe on the Go!' order would need to be submitted by Thursday April 7th. If you submitted an order for "Shoppe on the Go!' after April 7th, it would be applied to the May Stamp Shoppe projects.

You'll notice that the "Shoppe on the Go!" prices are a little bit higher than the Stamp Shoppe prices. If you're paying for your Shoppe, the base prices are the same, but the ordering requirements to receive the kits for free are a little higher. One of the ways I'm able to offer "The Stamp Shoppe!" for free, is to place all Shoppe orders together so that they qualify for hostess benefits – I'm then able to use the hostess benefits to purchase supplies for the following Shoppe. Because "Shoppe on the Go!' orders will be placed separately to allow for direct shipping, they are not eligible for hostess benefits so therefore the ordering requirement needs to be higher to cover costs.

Shoppe on the Go! Kits include: all of the pre-cut cardstock material including punching and die cutting, ribbon and accessories. You'll also receive an e-mailed PDF document containing photos and instructions for completing the projects. You provide your own adhesive, stamps and ink to complete the cards.

"Shoppe on the Go!" Pricing:

Card Shoppe on the Go! Kit- $15 or FREE with a $30 order!
Scrapbook Shoppe on the Go! Kit – $20 or FREE with a $45 order!

The "Shoppe-er's" Club Card!

And as if getting FREE "Shoppe on the Go!" kits wasn't enough – I have a NEW type of Club offering available for anyone wanting to get them EVERY month!

You do NOT need to get a "Shoppe-er's" Club Card in order to receive the "Shoppe on the Go!" kits – you are absolutley able to order them on a month-to-month basis.  However, for those of you who DO want to receive them each month, and get even MORE for FREE in return, this is for YOU!

 The "Shoppe-er's" Club Card is a FREE card. It costs you nothing to open one! Simply place your first order for a "Shoppe on the Go!" Kit – either purchase it or place a qualifying order to receive it FREE – and you'll have the option of starting a "Shoppe-er's" Club Card! If you decide to start a "Shoppe-er's" Club Card, you'll receive something that looks like this, with your first box marked off!

Then the following month, just be sure to get me your order for the next kit by the Thursday before the Shoppe takes place locally (you'll have a reminder and list of due dates), and you'll get your next box marked off!

You'll continue to enjoy Shoppe on the Go Kits or FREE Kits if you're placing orders! Then, once you fill the card, you'll get a FREE Shoppe Kit AND a Level 1 Hostess stamp set of your choice!

Each Shoppe-ers Club Card will need to be "designated" towards a particular Shoppe type. In other words, you may start one card for  Card Shoppe and a separate card for Scrapbook Shoppe – both types of Shoppe can't be put on one card.

Upcoming Projects:

For April Card Shoppe Sneak Peeks, click HERE!

For April Scrapbook Shoppe Sneak Peeks, click HERE!

FOR APRIL ONLY! An all NEW Specialty Shoppe Edition – "The Jewelry Shoppe" – for Sneak Peeks and full details, click HERE!


Get Started!

To start "Shoppe-ing" on the Go! TODAY – e-mail me at


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