All-New September Stamp Shoppe

September 13th from 5:30 – 9:30 pm OPEN Hours


September 14th from 9 am – 1:00pm OPEN Hours

at Christ the Good Shepard Lutheran Church, 1000 Winton Rd. N., Rochester NY 14609
OR choose your class "on the go" and put your cards together at home!


Hostess/Workshop Code for September:  7XNBKWU4

Choose Track A and make these cards:

Sept Card Shoppe Track A Ad

Choose Track B and make these cards:

Sept Card Shoppe Track B Ad

Just as September ushers in a new season, it's time to make some changes with my Stamp Shoppe class offering.  I think you'll really like having more flexibility in choosing which cards you make.

There'll be two different track options – Track A and Track B.  Each track will feature 4 different card designs.  Choose one track, two tracks, or even two of one track if you really like one particular set of cards!


  1. Make 4 cards with one track (your choice of A or B) for $12 or FREE with a minimum order of $22.
  2. Make 8 cards with two tracks (either track A & B or two of one track) for $20 or FREE with a minimum order of $35.

You'll be getting a discount for choosing both tracks.  Now receive a $4 cash discount and a $9 ordering minimum discount when you sign up for both tracks!


  • You'll still get to receive your card kits "on the go" to complete in your home on your time schedule. 
  • AND you'll still be able to receive your card kits free with an order by using the hostess/workshop code each month.
  • There is NO SHIPPING CHARGE for sending your card packets to you!  Whether you choose to place an online order or pay for your class, your card packets will ship out to you FREE!
  • For those attending Stamp Shoppe in Rochester, NY, we've extended the open hours to give you more time to complete both tracks – we'll be open on Saturday until 1:00pm.

Can't decide?  Choose both!


To RSVP to attend, click HERE.

To order your "on the go" card packets click HERE.

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