Have I got a tip for you!

Spent some time with some fellow demonstrators over the weekend, and I learned a tip that's gonna knock your socks off!  Maybe you all knew this, but I sure didn't!  I've absolutely loved our clear mount stamps since they've come out, but there has been one drawback – I often times have difficulty with them staying put on the block.  I started relying on a bit of Dotto temporary adhesive to keep them in place.  Now that we don't carry Dotto, I was looking for a better alternative.  And frankly, I'm really tired of my blocks being all sticky!

Well . . . there's a fabulous solution!  Stampin' Up! sells a wonderful Clear Block Cleaning Cloth.  I purchased this nifty tool when it first came out; it cleaned my blocks nicely but it didn't help the "cling factor".  But what I didn't do is swipe the top of the cling side of the stamp with it, too.  Once you clean your block AND the top of your stamp, the two cling perfectly!  I KID YOU NOT!  They stay together even through scrubbing it well on the Stampin' Scrub!  So here's what I did:

Wipe the top of your block.

Wipe the top of the cling side of your stamp.

Put your stamp down on a hard surface, and push the block onto the stamp; hold for 5 seconds.

Voila!  A perfectly clingy stamp ready for use!

So run don't walk on over to my Online Store and order yourself a Clear Block Cleaning Cloth.  I'm serious when I say this little $3.95 purchase will change your stamping life!

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