Exciting November Stamp Shoppe!

The Stamp Shoppes have been a HUGE success, and I want you to be able to enjoy it, too! 

November Stamp Shoppe will be all about Christmas — you won't want to miss it!  Here's just one of the projects you'll be able to make when you register for the Card Shoppe.

WHO is the Stamp Shoppe for? – Truly Anyone! Whether you're an experienced stamper or have never stamped in your life, the Stamp Shoppe is for you! On Friday night the Stamp Shoppe is reserved as a "Girls Night Out" for the 18 and over crowd – enjoy an evening with stamping friends without your children.  On Saturday morning we're offering a chance to stamp with the younger people – mature children ages 10 and over are invited to register along with their mother/grandmother/aunt/adult stamper.  This is your opportunity to be creative together as a family! 

WHAT is the Stamp Shoppe? A chance for you to relax, unwind, enjoy fellowship with other Stampers, browse a themed "Display of the Month" and STAMP at YOUR leisure as you move from station to station at YOUR pace! At Card Shoppe you'll make SIX cards and at Scrapbook Shoppe you'll make THREE 12"x12 scrapbook pages. Are you a somewhat speedy stamper? You'll have time to do BOTH if you choose!

WHEN is Stamp Shoppe? The Stamp Shoppe is open the second Friday and Saturday of every month. Next Stamp Shoppe is November 12th and 13th.  The Stamp Shoppe is open from 6:30 – 9:30 pm on Friday evenings and from 10 am – 1 pm on Saturday mornings. If you're coming to just Card Shoppe OR Scrapbooking Shoppe, you can arrive at any time during the first hour of the Shoppe's opening.  If you're coming to BOTH Card Shoppe and Scrapbooking Shoppe, you'll want to arrive when Stamp Shoppe first opens so that you have enough time for both. The Stamp Shoppe will have different projects every month designed around the current holidays and season.  Friday and Saturday projects are always identical – you choose which time slot works best for you.

WHERE is Stamp Shoppe?  Trinity Communion Church, 759 Winona Blvd, Rochester NY 14617 (near Titus and St. Paul Blvd.)

HOW MUCH is Stamp Shoppe? That's the BEST part!

  • The Card Shoppe is just $15 for all 6 cards or FREE with a $20 order placed during Shoppe hours!
  • The Scrapbook Shoppe is just $20 for all 3, 12"x12" Scrapbook Pages or FREE with a $25 order placed during Shoppe hours!

Want to come to both Shoppes? Any combination of prices works. Pay $35 and come to BOTH. Place a $45 order and come to both for FREE. Place a $20 order and come to Card Shoppe for FREE and Scrapbook Shoppe for $20…. However YOU want to work it…

WANT MORE FREE cards at the Stamp Shoppe? You've got it! Bring a friend who has never stamped with me before and you'll get to make an EXTRA set of cards for FREE! That means that you'll get to make TWELVE cards total – 2 of each design – 1 to keep as a sample and 1 to send! If you're only registered for Scrapbook Shoppe and bring a friend then you'll get to make a set of cards for FREE in addition to your scrapbook pages.

DO I NEED TO PRE-PAY? No! For your convenience, I've waived that requirement as well! But I DO need to know that you're coming and whether you're bringing a friend by noon on the Thursday before Stamp Shoppe (so for October 8th and 9th Stamp Shoppes, the RSVP deadline is Thursday, November 11th at Noon) in order to prepare an accurate number of cut materials. Simply call me at 585-360-4806 or e-mail me at krisshuels@gmail.com to reserve your spot at the table!


Are you a member of one of my Stamper's 10 Clubs?  Then you'll REALLY want to take advantage of the Stamp Shoppes!  All club members receive a $5 discount on either Stamp Shoppe! 
  • The Card Shoppe is just $10 for all 6 cards or FREE with a $15 order placed during Shoppe hours!  ($15 club order still due in addition).
  • The Scrapbook Shoppe is just $15 for all 3, 12"x12" scrapbook pages or FREE with a $20 order placed during Shoppe hours! ($15 club order still due in addition).

I can't wait to see YOU at the next Stamp Shoppe — click HERE to RSVP now!

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