Buy One, Get One Free Stamping Sale!

Last year was the first year I tried this… and it was a BIG hit, so I'm offering it again!  All of my retired merchandise will sell at full price, but whatever you spend on retired merchandise you'll also get FREE from the new 2012-13 Annual Catalog! This way, you'll get DOUBLE the product for your money – AND, you won't have to choose between the old and new… you'll get BOTH! 

Don't want to spend full price on retired product? OK! Pay full price for the NEW products and get the retired products FREE! It's really the same thing, it just depends on how you look at it!  But no matter how you choose to look at it, it's a GREAT DEAL!

I've just posted the new catalog so you can start viewing what you can take for FREE!

If you live locally and want to see some of the things "in person", contact me to schedule a time to stop by. I'll be around most all day today but will be unavailable on Saturday and Sunday. I'll be back at it in the studio on Tuesday (with Monday being reserved for my grandson!) Just know that things will sell out quickly, so if you know you want something, don't wait for an appointment! Reserve that just for the older items that you can't locate in a catalog and need to see.



BOGO Information

Here's how the sale works.

All items are ONLY AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST and first come, first served, so you'll want to act quickly!  I'll be at my computer pretty much the entire day.  I'll read the emails in the order in which I receive them   If you're the 2nd person to request an item, I'll put you on a waiting list in case payment from the 1st person falls through.

You won't pay shipping or tax on the retired items.  If you don't live locally and you'd like your retired items shipped to you, you'll pay shipping via USPS based on the weight of your items; there still won't be sales tax or Stampin' Up! shipping.  However, you'll be responsible for paying the shipping & tax on your FREE items from the new 2012-13 Annual Catalog.

How Do I Order?  Probably the most important question! Simply e-mail me at the items you want to purchase from my retired stash.  I'll then get back to you on availability and give you a total for what you have to spend from the BRAND NEW CATALOG. You can view the Catalog online in the previous post.  Or, if you live locally, you are welcome to pick up your catalog at my Stampin' Studio as I am available (please keep in mind that I'm not available through the weekend.)


Click HERE for retired stamp sets list.
Click HERE for retired accessories list.

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