All new Stamp Set of the Month and FREE Card Kit!

I'm absolutely thrilled that I can offer this new and improved Kit of the Month!  The Stampin' Up! New Year is all about fun and fabulous changes!  And this change will prove to be one of your favorites – I just know it!

There are 2 main reasons that I'm so excited about the discontinuation of the Card Kit of the Month program and the addition of the Stamp Set of the Month program….

  1. You are going to get MORE FOR YOUR DOLLAR by getting a FREE – that's right – FREE – Card Kit simply by purchasing the Stamp Set of the Month and the featured accessory to go with it! (Don't worry, if you already have the stamp set and/or accessory you can trade it for ANY stamp set or accessory of the same price).
  2. There are going to be some COMPLETELY AWESOME designs because the design possibilities are ENDLESS with the new forma! There is ONE featured design (the design for which you'll receive the FREE cut pieces) and then "bonus" designs that will give you creative inspiration on lots of ways you can use your new stamp set!

The July Stamp Set of the Month won't be available for purchase until tomorrow, July 1st. But I couldn't wait another day, I had to share it with all of you a day early!

July Stamp Set of the Month

“My Friend”

Accessory of the Month: Mini Library Clips

All of the nitty gritty (but oh so exciting) details can be read HERE!

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Posted on : Jun 30 2011
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